"Don't re-install Windows...
...install QUABANA!"
is a radical new approach to dealing with the problems of malware.

When we buy a new PC, it's a joy to use-fast, responsive, free of junk and viruses. Sadly, this changes. Computers quickly get cluttered with damaging data, programs, junk, files and malware. You start experiencing performance problems that slows everything down-frequent crashes, slow Internet connections. Your Windows screen freezes or stalls as you switch from one program to another, and worse. A slow computer probably has viruses or spyware taking over. It's like having a race-car with a lawnmower engine.

When things go wrong, it's usually beyond most of us to know where to start to fix it. You go to the web to find a solution, or, if you're really lucky, you have a geek friend who knows what to do.

Quabana changes all that. It's an application that creates a set of clean, safe Environments from a freshly installed version of the operating system. Each Environment is unique, safe and protected from the others - a virtual 'clean-room', where contamination can be contained. If any of your Environments gets infected-no worries. You just throw it in the trash and replace it with a totally fresh, new one, without worrying about whether your anti-virus and anti-spyware definitions are up-to-date. Getting a new Quabana's Environment is like pulling a tissue from a box-ready when you need it. Hassle-free computing. Peace of mind.

If you want to share files between Environments Quabana has a solution-like a door between adjoining rooms. This power is not without side-effects. Sharing like this means that infection can spread between Environments. So, use wisely.

See below examples of the type of Environments that can be created with Quabana:

Home-Banking Environment: Your browser is used only to connect with your bank. Your bank's web site is not infected, so your banking Environment is never infected. And, as long as you never stray outside the banking Environment, it's perfectly safe and secure.

Gaming Environment: Hard-core gamers typically have dedicated machines so that they can get 100% performance from the hardware, with nothing else allowed to get in the way of that performance. Quabana enables the same effect without having a dedicated gaming machine.

Work Environment(s): These Environments are separated from each other, minimizing the malware attack target size. Judicious web browsing behaviour minimizes the possibility of infection. If infection does strike one of these Environments, it's isolated, contained, and restricted to just that Environment.

Browsing Environment: In this Environment anything goes. Caution is not needed. When infection strikes (not if), the Environment can be deleted with impunity. Nothing of importance is kept in this Environment. Quabana's fast Environment refresh enables a rapid replacement to continue.

Kid's Environment, etc: Children like to play. Sometimes that play results in damage to an Environment through inadvertent deletion of important files, registry corruption, etc. Restoring the Environment to it's clean state is simple and easy with Quabana.

Quabana can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.
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